In 2009, the African Capacity Building Centre (ACBC) was established, in Moshi, United Republic of Tanzania to enhance the migration management capacity of African States, promote comprehensive migration governance and facilitate a diverse range of immigration and border management projects and training courses. The Centre is hosted by the Tanzania Regional Immigration Training Academy (TRITA) and this unique partnership has benefited both in terms of joint training programmes and workshops as well as regional support.


African States seek out the ACBC’s support to assist them in establishing sound migration policies, robust administrative and technical structures as well as the all-important human resource base necessary to tackle diverse migration issues. Over the last five years, the ACBC’s team of experts have responded to an increasingly wide range of requests from African States to build their country’s capacities and shape innovative solutions in migration management. As of 2015, the ACBC has trained over 3,890 migration management officials from 47 different African states.


African States are eligible to receive operational, technical and administrative support from the centre of excellence. IOM Member States requesting support are encouraged to contact the Chief of Mission at the nearest IOM Country Office. The ACBC, in coordination with the Chief of Mission at the respective Country Office, will identify and assess available solutions to be further discussed with the requesting State.