IOM Supports Niger and Nigeria with a Workshop on Joint Cross-Border Crisis Management/ Training in Humanitarian Border Management (HBM)


The International Organization for Migration IOM, the UN’s Migration Agency, through its African Capacity Building Centre (ACBC) in Moshi/Tanzania and in close cooperation with its Mission in Niger, held during the week 14 - 18 August 2018 a 3-day workshop in Niamey bringing together border management practitioners from Niger and Nigeria to train for enhanced joint cross-border crisis management.

The workshop was organized by IOM in order to strengthen the crisis response capacity of border officials from Niger and Nigeria and to improve cooperation between both countries, as well as regional authorities. The training was part of the project “Strengthening Border Security in Diffa Region – SEDINI”, funded by the European Union.

The training workshop pursued four main objectives:

  • To further develop bilateral cooperation in the field of border management - and specifically as regards humanitarian border management i.e., to train and support border officials for appropriate and effective border management also in crisis situations leading to cross-border movements;
  • To assess the two nations’ parallel response systems and explore potential for increased interoperability for joint crisis border operations;
  • To get familiarized with good practices from around the world and to study applicable international regulations and standards; and
  • To draft concrete recommendations  for planned bilateral Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on joint cross-border crisis management.

The training was seen by participants being of great relevance considering continued instability in the border regions between Niger and Nigeria. Indeed, ongoing security and humanitarian challenges in the region require the two States to further improve their capacity in the field of border management, related information management and crisis response at the border in general. IOM shared its expertise and practical experiences in the field of Humanitarian Border Management (HBM).  Improved capacity of - and better cooperation among - all the different state actors at borders is essential for dealing successfully with challenges at borders before, during and after crises caused either by human or natural factors, which can trigger mass cross-border movements.

Representatives from Niger’s and Nigeria’s Immigration Services, the Ministries of Interior, regional Governorates representatives, the Ministry of Humanitarian Action of Niger and the Nigerian Emergency Management Agency, representatives from HACP[i]/ Niger, representatives of the EU Delegation in Niger, and colleagues from the IOM missions in Niger and Nigeria took part in the training workshop.

The workshop also allowed a preliminary assessment of the already existing crisis response tools in both countries.

For more information on the training please contact: 

Mr. Marcellino Ramkishun at IOM’s ACBC in Moshi. Email: / Tel.: +255 2727 53 488

Mr. Baptiste Amieux at IOM Niger. Email: Tel: +227 80 06 66 16



[i] Haute Autorité à la Consolidation de la Paix – High Peacebuilding Authority 


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