Regional Conference on Irregular Migration in West and Central Africa

Abuja, Nigeria

IOM Nigeria, in collaboration with the ACBC, convened a regional conference on irregular migration in West and Central Africa. From 12 to 15 May 2014, five countries – Nigeria, Niger, Benin, Cameroun and Chad – gathered in Abuja to lay out the policy and operational framework for improved coordination and cooperation between immigration institutions of the five participating countries.  

The ACBC facilitated sessions on integrated border management, humanitarian border management, border information systems (IOM’s Migration and Data Analysis System or MIDAS, already installed in a number of countries in the region), counter-trafficking, as well as migrant smuggling. Additionally, each delegation presented a country report on the current status of border and migration management. Finally, plenary sessions were held at the end of each day to give participants an opportunity to further exchange information and experience and formulate recommendations.

Among these was to improve regional and bi-lateral coordination to facilitate regular migration and curb irregular migration, establish joint patrols, hold regular meetings to coordinate border management policies and operations, as well as to improve infrastructure. 

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