About Us

In line with the IOM Constitution, IOM Mission Statement and the IOM Twelve Point Strategy, the objectives of the centre are:

  • Assist the Beneficiary States in developing and implementing comprehensive border and migration management policies, strategies and legal frameworks;
  • Support the Beneficiary States’ migration, administrative and operational frameworks, including national training capacities and infrastructure;
  • Enhance border management information systems through advanced border data collection, sharing and analysis;
  • Promote understanding of and responses to migration challenges and opportunities through program research and development;
  • Encourage joint action through advocacy, partnerships and cross-border cooperation.

In order to achieve these objectives, the ACBC provides technical expertise on all topics related to migration management. Through assessments, training, technical assistance, research and project development, the ACBC assists African governments and IOM missions by offering support in the areas of integrated border management, establishing, delivering and refining immigration training curricula, identity management, border management information systems, trafficking in persons and other related topics listed in the ‘What we do’ section.