ACBC Training for Tanzanian Officers to Enhance Security through Improved Border and Immigration Management

Tanzania – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, from 5-7 November 2018 facilitated a three days specialized training on transnational organized crime and enhanced security through improved border and immigration management to twenty immigration, police and intelligence officers at IOM’s African Capacity Building Centre (ACBC) in Moshi/Tanzania. 

The training brought together senior officers from headquarters and selected land border posts, including Holili, Namanga, Horohoro, Kalambo and Tunduma. 

It was delivered as part of the IOM’s regional project, “Enhancing Security through Improved Border and Immigration Management”, funded by the Government of Canada. 

The overall objective of this project is to enhance the capacities of immigration and law enforcement agencies of the participating states i.e. Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania, and to effectively manage immigration and borders by thoroughly addressing also the threats and risks posed by cross-border organized crime including terrorism. 


It was facilitated by four trainers: Mr Marcelino Ramkishun, Senior Migration Management Training Specialist at IOM’s ACBC; Ms. Hirut Gezahegn Abrha, Deputy Special Representative of INTERPOL to the African Union; Mr. Goyayi Goyayi, Coordinator at Tanzania’s National Counter Terrorism Centre; and Ms. Gracia Anthony, Program Officer and Focal Point  at IOM Tanzania. 

The event focused on increasing awareness on international best practices in threat detection and analysis, and on strengthening the institutional and human resource capacities of key agencies working at Tanzania’s entry and exit points (notably the Department of Immigration, the Police as well as National Security Services) to effectively respond to identified threats and risks in line with the applicable legal body.

The specialized training also provided a platform for government officers from the different departments to exchange information, discuss best practices and take steps for reinforcing information sharing and increasing inter-department cooperation.

In a first self-evaluation carried out right at the end of the training, participants stated to have considerably increased their understanding as to how to identify threats and risks and how to effectively address them jointly and in a human rights based manner. 

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