Capacity Building in Border and Migration Management

Pillar 1: Capacity Building in Border and Migration Management incorporates the development and implementation of migration policies, strategies, border and migration management assessments, training and training tools, and the IOM border management information system (MIDAS). Specifically, the ACBC provides technical support in the following areas:

  • Assessment of countries’ migration management frameworks, including migration-related policies, strategies and laws, operational capacities and standard operating procedures (SOPs), in place assessment of country’s border management practices (airports  and land border crossings), including inspection of process flows, examination of travel documents, border information systems, equipment, human resources and SOPs and humanitarian border management practices in place
  • Design and delivery of customized, context- and audience-specific training courses in migration and border management, such as integrated border management and One-Stop Border Posts, border information systems, identity management, document examination, security and counter-terrorism, interview and investigation techniques, counter-trafficking and smuggling of migrants, mixed migration flows, migration policy, rescue at sea, humanitarian border management and other related topics
  • Development, installation, training and technical support for the Migration Information and Data Analysis System (MIDAS), formerly known as the Personal Identification and Registration System (PIRS), the IOM-developed border management information system, currently operating in 19+ countries in Africa and beyond
  • Review and/or development of migration and border management strategies and policies
  • Development of immigration and border management related standards