Capacity Building for Migration Management in South Sudan

The ACBC actively cooperates with IOM country missions in Africa and beyond by providing technical support for the missions’ immigration and border management projects. Examples of such collaboration include:

As part of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office-funded Capacity Building for Migration Management project, ACBC staff trained twenty border guards from the Department of Nationality, Passports and Immigration on the detection of forged documents and impostors. The training, delivered at the Zara Hotel in Juba, South Sudan’s capital, was held from 14 to 18 May 2012, and was the first training of its kind for all of the officers. The delegates were drawn from Juba International Airport and the three main land borders with Uganda (Nimule and Kaya) and Kenya (Nadapal). The training first concentrated on how passports are manufactured and then focused on how to detect forged travel documents using forgery-detection equipment, provided by the donor, by following a systematic approach.

One of the youngest students, Sergeant Abraham Wol Mayar Diing, returned to work in Kaya a few days later and, by using his newly acquired skills and the forgery equipment, successfully intercepted two forged passports. The passenger in question presented a Democratic Republic of Congo passport and was trying to import a vehicle to South Sudan. Abraham’s suspicions were raised when questioning the man further regarding his travel history. He examined the passport using the methodology he had been taught and determined that the document was indeed forged.  He then searched the man and found a second passport from Tanzania, which also proved to be falsified. Following a full investigation, Abraham and his colleagues learnt that the subject was attempting to take the vehicle, which had been stolen, to Juba and arrested the man.

Great job, Sergeant Abraham Wol Mayar Diing, the ACBC trainers are very proud of your work!