Promoting Better Management of Migration in Nigeria

The ACBC actively cooperates with IOM country missions in Africa and beyond by providing technical support for the missions’ immigration and border management projects. Examples of such collaboration include:

IOM’s Immigration and Border Management (IBM) team is based in Abuja and devotes much of its time implementing the Promoting Better Management of Migration in Nigeria project funded by the European Union (EU).  The project covers three main elements, one of which is improving border management and runs from 1 June 2012 to 28 February 2015.  The project partner for the Irregular Migration element is the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) and interventions under the project are numerous.  Recent activities have included:

Document Fraud Training for Nigeria Immigration Service officers in Abuja

  1. Establishing the Nigeria Immigration Service Intelligence Unit.  IOM delivered a two-week training course for the twenty officers from the Unit detailing all the elements that need to be in place to ensure that the Unit is set up appropriately, paying attention to matters such as reporting writing and case management.
  2. Training of Trainers for five officers from the Nigeria Immigration Service from each of Nigeria’s 36 states in Travel Document Examination, Impostor Detection and Passenger Risk Analysis.  
  3. Redrafting of the Immigration (Amendment) Bill that is to replace outdated legislation dating back to 1963.
  4. Scoping seven strategic land border posts in preparation for the installation of Border Management Information Systems.

IOM is also implementing a project funded by the Swiss Federal Office for Migration to establish a Document Fraud Unit at the area headquarters of the Nigeria Immigration Service in Lagos.