IOM ACBC continues to strengthen the Capacity of Several African Nations on Travel Documents Security and Fraud Detection to Combat Migrant Smuggling...

Moshi, United Republic of Tanzania – IOM, the UN Migration Agency and the Netherlands Repatriation and Departure Service (RDS) in collaboration with the Immigration and Naturalization Directorate of the Federal Republic of Somalia, organized a five day Training of Trainer (TOT) on Security Document and Fraud Detection Teaching Methodology in Moshi on 13th to 17th August, 2018.

The training, facilitated by the IOM African Capacity Building Centre (ACBC), gathered 17 immigration officers from the Immigration and Naturalization Directorate and the Fraud Detection Unit of Somalia who already attended previous training on the thematic, facilitated by the RDS. The selection of the officers for the ToT was based on their performance during the initial training as well as their experience within the Service.

Emanuel Minaar, the RDS representative stated that “It is impossible to combat International crimes like migrant smuggling, money laundering, human trafficking and terrorism through one nation. We need to work together. Projects like these are not only beneficial to the trainees, they are also hugely important to the trainers and their countries. Only with good contacts, network, and mutual trust, we will be able to combat challenges to international peace and law and order. It’s very important to have a good ear for each other’s needs.”

Dr Qasim Sufi, the IOM Chief of Mission to Tanzania, expressed his delight in hosting the training at ACBC and stressed to the participants to make good use of the knowledge and skills attained through the workshop. He emphasized the need of using the ToT as a tool not only to teach other immigration officers, but also to use it in their day to day work for their community and country as a whole, “Somalia is one of the countries that produce a large number of irregular migrants, so use this knowledge and skills to effectively address irregular migration, combat migrant smuggling and human trafficking in your country.”

The objective of the TOT was to build the capacity of selected immigration officials from Somalia to become qualified trainers and to conduct training for other Somali Immigration and Naturalization Department Officials at. 

The ToT focused on group presentations on documents security features, printing techniques and a session on how to inspect and recognize counterfeit, forged and authentic documents, and was held under the project “Enhancing Migration Management in African States through Training and Capacity Building on Integrated Border Management and Countering Irregular Migration”.

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