IOM ACBC Revamps Somali Immigration Officers’ Training

Moshi –  IOM, the UN Migration Agency, through its African Capacity Building Centre (ACBC) in Tanzania, organized a training session from 26 February to 2 March for Somali immigration officials about security documents and fraud detection. Because of increased international travel in the region, it is crucial that Somali immigration officers are trained in documentation examination and fraud detection.

Nelson Goncalves, IOM’s ACBC Senior Immigration and Border Management Training Specialist argued that the training was imperative in a globalized world. “Border officials are key in migration management. They must have the capacity to intercept, examine, analyze fraudulent documents and identity fraud. They have to effectively address irregular migrants and ensure the right passengers are let in into the country,” said Goncalves.

Noordin Abdullahi Hassan, a senior immigration official at Mogadishu International Airport, thanked IOM for organizing the training. He believed that the training improved his efficiency at work.

The trainees learned how to properly run the Fraud Detection Unit, a unit that will be created by IOM Somalia for the Somali Immigration and Naturalization Department. All five trainees will work as second line officials in the unit.

The training was held under IOM Somalia's project entitled “Strengthening Immigration and border management capacity of the Federal Government of Somalia”. IOM Somalia implemented training sessions to improve immigration legislation and cooperation. It also addressed the flaws of the immigration departments in Somalia.

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