Migration Research and Development

Pillar 2: Migration Research and Development combines research on migration issues and trends with the development of context-specific responses and interventions. Examples of such initiatives include the following:

  • Compilation of customized SOPs for immigration departments
  • Design of tailored immigration training curricula, based on the well-established ACBC-developed Essentials of Migration Practice (currently available in English and French)
  • Development of customized document examination training curricula, based on the IOM Passport Examination Procedure Manual (available in English, French, Arabic and other languages)
  • Research on migration-related themes, such as regional regular and irregular migration patterns
  • Knowledge management of immigration and border management related literature, tools and products
  • Conceptualization and design of context-specific immigration and border management capacity building interventions, at the request of and in line with the priorities of IOM Member States